How to implement WalletPass over a lambda function from AWS.

Hello folks, today I would like to show you how I implemented “the WalletPass process over a lambda function from AWS. I used one library called @walletpass/pass-js is which outstanding and helped me a lot.

These are the tools that I used for building this process:

  • API gateway
  • Lambda Function

Well, I’m going to assume that you have set the API gateway up with the lambda function. The purpose of this article is to show you how to use this library.

First, import the library via npm or yarn.

npm install @walletpass/pass-js --save

yarn add @walletpass/pass-js

I have a function called “customerAddWallet” in my lambda and I import it in the following way.

Then, I use a S3, where I save the information as icons, background images, and certificates.

Well, that´s it.

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